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Each spring more than half million seabirds flock back to the

Bempton Cliffs Nature Reserve

moncler donna IntroductionI’ve been birdwatching or birding for almost my entire moncler saldi uomo life, and in close to 30 years I have been to some amazing places and seen my fair few of weird and wonderful species. But there are few places that can compare with Bempton Cliffs. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) manage the reserve, that covers just a few miles of coastline and yet, between moncler outlet trebaseleghe February and October the stunning 400 feet high white chalk cliffs play host to one of the Earth’s greatest wildlife spectacles. Each spring more than half million seabirds flock back to the cliffs after a winter spent out at sea to breed. The sights, sounds and yes the overpowering smell are all a joy to behold. moncler donna

piumini moncler uomo I live approximately 3 hours away from the cliffs in a landlocked part of the UK, so to be able to come and witness and revel in such a spectacle is a rare treat for me, and one that I never tire of. Bempton is one of those truly wonderful places in which you don’t necessarily have to be a birdwatcher to marvel at its sheer abundance of life moncler bambino outlet and biodiversity. piumini moncler uomo

moncler outlet online uomo How To Get There?Bempton is very easy to find. Regardless of whatever direction you’re travelling from, the best bet is to follow signs for Bridlington, the nearest large town. If you’re coming from the north or the south, then the M1 is the road to follow, before hopping onto the M62 East and moncler uomo then finally the A165 towards Bridlington and Scarborough. Once you’re within a few miles of ‘Brid’ as its known to the locals, you’ll see the brown tourist signs directing you to Bempton Cliffs, so all you have to do piumini moncler outlet is follow those. If you have a Sat Nav and are comfortable using one, then finding moncler donna it is even easier, as punching in the postcode will take you straight to the car park. moncler outlet online uomo

piumini moncler The roads in the village of Bempton itself are very narrow, and in places only wide enough for one car, but there are passing places, so there’s no need to worry too much, but I would still drive fairly cautiously, especially if visiting for the first time. The village is typically quaint, and home to some wonderful pubs, although if you happen to visit on a Monday, bear in mind that The White Horse Inn on Cliff Lane does not serve food. It does serve food every other day of the week, and it is a wonderful establishment to eat, but just something to be mindful of. If you’re visiting at the weekend during the peak season, then expect the car park to get busy quickly, so I would recommend getting to Bempton as early as possible. piumini moncler

Bempton’s Official Website, East Riding of Yorkshire The RSPB

The official RSPB website for Bempton Cliffs includes all useful information including recent sightings.

The Visitor CentreOnce you’re parked up, you then walk down a sandy pathway to the visitor centre. If you’re already a member of the RSPB then you just simply flash your membership card and walk on in. If not, then there is an entrance fee of 5 for adults and 2.50 for children, although if you have more than one child with you then the first one goes free. Personally, outlet moncler I would recommend becoming a member, especially if you plan on visiting regularly. Its just a few pounds a month, and believe me there are no shortage of volunteers willing to sign you up. If you decide to sign up on the day, then the RSPB will refund the admission fee that you paid on the day.

moncler saldi outlet The visitor centre itself is very clean, swish and has almost every amenity that you could ask for, from toilets to refreshments to gifts and even the chance to hire a pair of binoculars just in case moncler saldi outlet you need them. You can even watch live footage of the seabirds going about their daily lives on the cliffs. For serious birders like me, there is a sightings board with detailed list of species and numbers, so as to give people an idea of what to look out for. moncler saldi outlet

piumini moncler scontatissimi The gift shop always has the ability to pull you in, even people like me who aren’t normally interested in such things. You’d never catch me buying the many cuddly puffin toys on sale, but I am a bookworm, and the shop does have a huge selection of bird and wildlife books, as well as magazines. piumini moncler scontatissimi

moncler outlet trebaseleghe What You Will SeeAs nice as the visitor centre is, the main reason why most people come to Bempton are the birds. Even upon arrival you are greeted by some wonderful species. Once you’re finished with the visitor centre, you moncler bambino saldi walk out into a picnic area, which in turn overlooks a bird feeding station. It’s here that one of Bempton’s most charismatic species thrives, the nationally scarce Tree sparrow, a close relative of the more familiar House sparrow. Tree Sparrows resemble the male house sparrow but have a brown rather than a grey cap. moncler outlet trebaseleghe

Once away from the picnic area, you’ll walk down a windy trail towards the cliffs themselves. The trails https://www.moncleroutlet-i.org cut through large swathes of unspoilt grassland and wildflower meadows. Its here that you may catch glimpses of skylarks, meadow pipits, yellowhammers and reed buntings. Although, you’ll piumini moncler uomo more likely hear them and see then. At certain times of the year, during the migration season, you may also see northern wheatears, yellow wagtails, whinchats and maybe even a ring ouzel. If you happen to visit during the winter months, you may also see flocks of wild geese passing overhead, as well as short eared owls and barn owls at certain times of day.

piumini moncler saldi However, I would personally recommend visiting the cliffs anytime from early May to the end of July, as this is when the cliffs are at their best, and all members of Bempton’s ‘Big 8’ are present. Once you’ve walked down the trail, you come to the cliffs themselves. Straight ahead of you is the vast expanse of the north sea. The next bit of land across the water is Denmark and no matter how hard I strain my eyes through my telescope its too far away to see. The end of the trail is marked by a T junction, allowing you to walk up and down another trail ‘the cliff trail,’ piumini moncler saldi which in turn lead to 5 viewpoints along the cliff edge. From here, you can get fantastically close views of birds that you would normally never be able to get close to. This is where Bempton’s star species are to be found, the ‘Big 8’. piumini moncler saldi

moncler uomo The Big 8 moncler uomo

moncler outlet serravalle Northern gannet pairs often greet each other by performing a mutual fencing ceremony. moncler outlet serravalle

moncler outlet Time for a few cute pictures of the Atlantic Puffin. I managed to get a picture of this guy just as he was about to leap into the air to venture forth on one of moncler outlet many of his/her fishing trips. Puffins are particularly fond of sand eels. moncler outlet

outlet moncler A Common Guillemot enjoying the May sunshine. outlet moncler

With the right photography equipment you can get amazing close shots of birds such as this Razorbill.

It never ceases to amaze me how birds such as this Black legged kittiwake are able to cling to the smallest cliff edge.

This was the only picture of a Northern Fulmar that I could get. If you do visit Bempton you’ll find yourself taking more Puffin pictures than you need.

I’ve yet to be able to be photograph an Eurasian Shag, but here is an example of one courtesty of wikimedia.

piumini moncler outlet Likewise, I’ve yet to capture a Great Black backed Gull. They are truly enormous birds, approaching goose proportions in terms of size and wingspan. piumini moncler outlet

moncler saldi uomo The Big 8The African Serengeti may have the ‘Big 5’ but Bempton can go 3 better, with the ‘Big 8’, so without any further ado, I shall profile them. moncler saldi uomo

moncler bambino saldi Northern Gannet: In no particular order, we start with the Northern gannet, the largest seabird in the Northern Hemisphere and the sight of them gliding past your head close enough to see their eyes move is a truly awesome sight. They are the most abundant birds at Bempton with some 11,000 pairs choosing to make their homes there. They return to the cliffs each spring after spending the winter in West Africa and amazingly, the same pairs return to the same little bit of cliff year after year. Gannet pairs are very affectionate to each other when reaffirming their bond. I once saw a gannet present its mate with a necklace of Red Campion flowers, as part of a courtship ritual. Red Campion flowers create a beautiful red blanket along the cliff tops during May. On the flip side though, gannets can be quite uncompromising, especially moncler outlet online shop if a neighbouring pair happens to moncler outlet get too close. When you watch them on the cliff edge, you cannot help but wonder how such a large bird can actually find a foothold on the ledges. Another highlight worth looking out for is watching the gannets’ leave the cliffs for their frequent fishing trips. Their feeding strategy is truly amazing with the birds flying up to a great height, before plummeting down straight as an arrow into the sea below. However, don’t expect to see them actually feeding, as gannets rarely feed close to shore. Their preferred prey are fish such as Cod, Mackerel and Herring, which are found far from the coast in deeper water. moncler bambino saldi

moncler outlet online shop Atlantic Puffin: Puffins are a favorite of the majority of the visitors to Bempton and are undoubtedly the most sought after species. With visitors often scrambling to get the best positions in order to get that valuable photo. Puffins have natural charisma on account of their somewhat clownish appearance. To me though, they are just beautiful with their rainbow colored bills and bright orange feet. Interestingly during the winter, their bills transform from being brightly colored to a rather dull monochrome. Of course, most of us don’t get to see puffins in this state, as virtually all of them have departed from the cliffs by the beginning of August. When you watch them for any length of piumini moncler scontatissimi time, you cannot be amazed at their flying ability. It looks labored and compared to the majestic soaring gannets like a lot of hard work, but piumini moncler somehow the pigeon sized puffin can cover great distances. Young puffins have a rather cute sounding name, pufflings. moncler outlet online shop

Common Guillemot: This is one of those birds that has several different names across the English speaking world. If you’re British like me then its simply a guillemot, but if you are American then it is either a common or thin billed murre. Irrespective of name, this is another must see bird that breeds in great numbers on the cliffs. Be sure to watch out for the fledgling chicks launching themselves off the cliff and clumsily fluttering their way down to the sea, where one of their parents wait patiently for them. This is probably the most precarious time of its life, as the chicks are vulnerable from predators such as herring gulls, great black backed gulls and sometimes even a great skua or ‘bonxie’ to give it its a folk name.

moncler saldi Razorbill: Like puffins and guillemots, razorbills are members of the Auk family. They have a rather menacing appearance with its like large razor bill, hence the name and its black and white plumage. These birds always fascinate me with the way they re approach their cliff ledges, often hurtling in at what seems like 100mph, before slowing down at the last minute, extending their short wings and making an always perfect landing. Like most seabirds, they pair for life and lay just a single white egg with brown blotches. I’ve often seen them balancing precariously on the tiniest of ledges, and quite how they stay put is a marvel of nature. moncler saldi

moncler bambino outlet Black legged Kittiwake: Kittiwakes are a personal favourite of mine, purely on account of moncler outlet online uomo their unforgettable call, which lends the species its name. Whenever I hear it, then I know moncler saldi I’ve truly arrived. Along with the gannets, they are the most numerous of all the birds to be found at the cliffs, and you’ll often find them breeding not only at Bempton, but at nearby towns like Bridlington and Scarborough, where they use the cliffs created by man for men, our buildings. Kittiwakes are our smallest species of gull, and each spring they return to British shores from the high Arctic. Its a moncler outlet serravalle true pleasure watching them twist and turn in the air, as they call out for a mate moncler bambino outlet.


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