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This is where you will find audio shows that teach and inform our listeners with useful tips to enhance the enjoyment of advanced Radio Controlled hobbies. There are currently three different shows. You can automatically get these shows for FREE by subscribing. They are described below:

RC Aerobatics PodCast is an ongoing informative discussion about 3D, pattern and IMAC radio controlled aerobatics. We will discuss tips and techniques for advancing ones skills flying RC Aerobatics with world class aerobatic pilots and ask them the questions you want answered. Our goal is to offer a unique show that will make you a better pilot and to do so in shows that are under 30 minutes.

The RC Quick Tips Podcast takes the best tips we find and bring them to you in short quick useful segments that you can listen to whenever you have a few spare minutes.

RC Electronics Tips PodCast is a short quick tip designed to help you understand the electronics knowledge you need to advance in RC. We discuss batteries, speed controllers, metering equipment and more so you can get the most out of your equipment.


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